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construction of Ganzhou export processing zone, drawing is the foundation stone laying ceremony of Ganzhou export processing zone. Reporter Guo Zhiyong photo [news playback] May 30, 2007, Ganzhou export processing zone groundbreaking ceremony was held in Ganzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, Tam town. Export processing zone is approved by the State Council engaged in bonded processing by the customs supervision of the special district, export processing enterprises mainly develop competition ability in the international market, the enterprises in the zone can enjoy a series of convenience and benefits in customs clearance, tax revenue etc.. The establishment of Ganzhou export processing zone, is a "major achievement of ten system construction, to further improve the investment environment of Ganzhou processing trade, cultivate new growth points, enhance the level of opening up, promote the construction of industrial clusters, push" docking Chang Zhu Min, the construction of the new Ganzhou "development strategy, realize the strategy, Ganzhou economy social scientific and harmonious development by leaps and bounds, will have a significant and far-reaching impact. In the context of strengthening macro-control and strictly controlling export processing zones, the state has approved the establishment of export processing zones in Ganzhou, which fully reflects the Party Central Committee Retro jordans for sale and the State Council's concern over the old revolutionary base areas in Ganzhou. [background] 〈br news / in accordance with the work ideas of construction and investment, the Ganzhou export processing zone investment work is underway. At present, Taiwan Baocheng Group invested $50 million in Huajian international shoe has been built in the middle of November 2007, the project covers an area of 189 mu, the registered capital of $20 million, the project construction period is 1 years, after the completion of the project production line 40, with the number of workers up to 20 thousand people. In addition, the world's largest switching power supplier manufacturers, Delta Electronics Group has the intention to enter, the relevant issues are being actively discussed. export processing zone after the special economic zones, economic and Technological Development Zone and the bonded area came into being, this is the largest and highest level of China's opening up, the opening degree of the special enclosed area. It is mainly through the simplified customs procedures, for export processing enterprises to provide a more relaxed business environment and more convenient customs clearance convenience, to achieve a new export processing trade customs clearance mode in a declaration, one inspection and one trial "24 hours of work, play the function of the significant agglomeration in attracting foreign investmen air jordan 11 space jam for sale t. is the focus of the national processing trade gradient transfer to undertake the city 14, the reporter learned from the General Administration of customs, the customs China day prior to the Russian customs proposed standard three suggested that the Russian order of import and export, including "certified customs declaration enterprises" mutual cooperation, to the consignee of import goods issued "declaration form" system and simplify customs procedures law of foreign trade enterprises. "it should be said that it is very rare for the Chinese customs to make recommendations to other national customs."." Ph.D. in economics, financial commentator Ma Guangyuan told reporters that although the Sino Russian official news release rarely appeared in the "gray customs clearance" such words, but to clear customs cooperation between China and Russia, the "gray customs clearance" is not open around the word. the last century at the beginning of 90s after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia to reduce tensions in the domestic market supply of light industrial products, including China, from government to market a large number of foreign imports of cheap consumer goods. In order to simplify customs procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency and encourage imports, the Russian customs allow so-called "customs clearance companies" for the owner agent import business, provide transportat buy cheap jordans online ion and customs clearance bundled together with the "one-stop" service. However, this kind of customs clearance company in the customs formalities, generally take the illegal practices of Russian import management measures and tax evasion, and does not provide true and lawful customs declaration documents to the Chinese enterprises and businessmen, which is known as the "gray customs clearance". since 1998, the Russian market for Chinese businessmen has been constantly checked. it is understood that the "gray customs clearance" appeared in the import and export of Russia, China customs does not exist this phenomenon. "Gray customs clearance" can finally cure, mainly Russia's determination. However, in view of the healthy and orderly development of bilateral trade, involving the interests of the majority of Chinese businessmen in Russia, China is very active in helping Russia manage "gray customs clearance". according to the briefing, the Russian customs has made a positive response to the proposals made by the Chinese customs. Some have begun to do it, and some have reached agreement. (Editor: admin)[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] express individuality and fresh vitality of sports and leisure brands adidas NEO Label, once again excited to announce to the world of novelty NEO players - now on the ultra-popular heartthrob Justin ? Bieber (Justin Bieber) will become the adidas NEO Lab jordan 3 katrina 2018 el Global Brand Ambassador! To celebrate this event, adidas NEO Label will continue to publish the contents of a series of brilliant collaboration with Justin ? Bieber, more notice for all fresh fans have launched multiple surprises activities, please Be sure to pay close attention to official information from the adidas NEO Lable of! adidas NEO Label this has become a two-year partnership with ????? as adidas NEO Label Global Brand Ambassador, Bieber will attract a large number of young players through his strong appeal to experience fresh adidas NEO Label Fan. Bieber will attend the 2013 adidas NEO Label major press conferences and a new conference in the world's major markets, bore the brunt of the February 2013 "Live Your Style" - adidas NEO Label 2013 new spring and summer release activities . Self-love exploring fashion style young customers, from 2013 onwards on a quarterly basis to be able to buy the recommended NEO Bieber dress. it comes to endorsements, heartthrob Bibb said adidas NEO Label has always been his favorite brand. "I think I have a lot NEO and similarities, have advocated fashion, freedom and true to yourself. My new album" Believe "it stressed the need to believe in yourself, and the first step is the courage to show themselves. Fashion is the best show self One way, I always think fashion is a spirit of exploration, you can derive fun - it's view coincides with NEO "When asked how a cheap air jordans online didas Neo Label can be close to his personality and personal style , Bieber said, "According to my personality, I do not like exaggerated dress, adidas NEO Label is a youthful and dynamic cool brand, every kind of single product with them are full of freshness, it is easy for me to wear it still go out with cool styling reflects my personal style. " adidas brand Hermann Deininger, chief marketing officer, said Justin ? Bieber's youthful spirit and fun to play very aptly demonstrates the adidas NEO Label brand. He praised: "Bieber with his characteristic bold and expressive, in fashion, music, and other fields to emerge, which will certainly help us to more actively spread NEO fresh personality to the world, and their unique style of sports apparel and wearing shoes. " adidas NEO Label is Justin ? Bieber "Believe" 2012 - one of the sponsors 2013 World Tour concert. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)2016 of Fear God x Vans is a black horse sneakers, low-key sale, but the price is amazing. So many people react when, already a shoe hard to find. Recently, Fear of God host Jerry; Lorenzo upload a photo of him to visit the Vans headquarters photos, with the words "finalizing these California vibes for 2017". It seems that the new wave of Fear of God x Vans is already That's final. thing. "retro" has been prolonged fashion trend, the Adidas Originals has launched cheap air jordans Campus classic shoes, including black and grey with dark blue color. It is reported that this series will be landing in June 15th each designated store, if you are retro fans, do not miss it.Adidas Crazyquick 2 launched a new "Battle Pck" color, color shoes inherited the "Battle Pck" logo of the black and white painting lines, collocation has exaggerated the visual impact of the outsole and orange embellishment, make shoes very characteristic. It is reported that this Adidas Crazyquick 2 "Battle Pck" has been officially listed recently, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. 0.jpg (47.72 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload at 17:00 1.jpg (55.75 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload at 17:00 2.jpg (61.31 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload at 17:00 3.jpg (46.35 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload at 17:00 4.jpg (86.65 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload at 17:00 5.jpg (59.36 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-6-8 upload Adidas at 17:00Nike 1World's official website this month for the next 8 months will be published 18 pairs of shoes limited, This will include the 〈br 18="" world's="" most="" innovative="" design,="" sports,="" art,="" music="" an cheap jordans for sale d="" other="" elements="" as="" the="" design="" concept="" into="" pairs="" of="" nike="" force="" 1="" air.="" in="" first="" month="" shoes="" including="" rasheed="" wallace="" af1="" high="" gore-tex,="" lowpedro="" winter="" low.="" 1world's="" official="" website="" has="" introduced="" each="" pair="" designers="" personal="" archives 001.jpg (28.49 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:27 upload 002.jpg (23.97 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:27 upload 003.jpg (28.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:27 upload 004.jpg (24.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-6-20 15:27 upload every Christmas, in addition to enjoy the NBA players on the court battle each other superb skills. At the same time, is also a test of the large shoe brand show the timing of the ingenuity and creativity, and peak of Chinese sports brand is in this year for its three star launched echo festivals design characteristics of shoes. Now let us a way for you to introduce. TONY PARKER II Cake 'Roll ' PEAK the first stage for French coupe Tony Parker the tailored peak Tony Parker II in order to dessert as a starting point, shoes using the rice white and some deep coffee color embellishment, presentation and cake roll very similar color, open a cheap foamposites fter the tongue can find the color inspiration spindle is an exciting the ingenuity of the details of the Department, thereby creating a full sense of taste. Monster PEAK 'Bottle ' Wine to bright red and green fluorescent colors for the spindle, the Christmas version of George Hill is the more traditional some, the tongue visible composed of the initials' GH 'personal logo, tongue is printed on the bottle totem, in addition to make Xiaobian feel particularly shoes shipped with faux snakeskin material has outstanding effect of the texture, and the use of ink details add to the overall degree of completion. Hurricane PEAK 3 '' Gingerbread last pair is now in effect in the king the team of Carl & middot; Landry exclusive version, on the vamp of light coffee color matching with white splash effect design, like James wrapped in sugar gingerbread man in general, just in time for the the footwear design inspiration, thus on the other side of the ball of the shoe brand, exquisite degree can not careless, using many of the details of the extension of the public regarding the traditional festivals of the imagination. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when", micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: counterkicks Swedish fashion brand our legacy always derived from the Nordic minimalist design style known, in the shelves of the 2015 winter series, we once again feel the Scandinavian Peninsula from Scandinavia, quiet and comfortable. As the ten anniversary of the establishment of the brand, the new series directly named "Ten", but also through the design of the "Years of Tears Ten" and other words echo the theme of the anniversary. As for a single product, besides such as T-shirt, sweater and jeans fixed some single product, the most eye-catching designs include a plaid shirt style jacket, a use made of waterproof nylon warm pullover, and a pair of evolved from the traditional German training shoes sports shoes. Enjoy the above drawings at the same time, we may wish to purchase all the goods quickly landing HBX! source: HBXNew York brand ISAORA 2015 continued to force the fall and winter, bringing a series of high durability of the function of a single product. The single product that appears in lookbook includes brand Base Layer Merino and NEO series, it is "the perfect union of the function and outstanding performance", all suitable for the use of various occasions. ISAORA latest series by dark blue and black as the main colors, choose brand made a special trip to build the chloroprene rubber as a sweatshirt fabric and match neat coat and a series of thermal insulation material to build the shirt and take the present. All series are available through the ISAORA online store. source: ISAORA2005 of the United States caused by Hurricane Katrina in the southern area of the hit, killing 1836 people, and caused billions of dollars in economic losses. At the time of Jordan Brand in the name of love, to create a Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" shoes for charity auction, then this charity is not as a public offering. Now this treasure charity work, or you will have during the year. It is reported that Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" is expected in November this year on sale, white and red color with explosive crack blessing, think red is also very difficult. We may wish to see the 2005 Air Jordan 3 "Katrina", interested in you be sure to pay attention to the related follow-up reports on. if you ask, what's the classic color? Presumably most people would give black and white answer these two colors in any field must be used most frequently, the all-match and timeless characteristics also become our most important in the choice of clothing and shoes considerations. In fashion circles, many brands will be black and white as the main color of their products, such as Rick Owens, designer Public School and the recent hot brand in every summer to fire a "white shoe" series, are proof of a white classic, but with the increase of gas temperature, black as the most endothermic color gradually withdrew "Yan Emperor's throne, the white dominate, so no worry in charge column today, we gave you recommend several white single product, let everyone in has a pure heart at the same time, also can have a few pieces of" pure "collocation selection. Y-3 QASA HIGH price: $229, about 1491 RMB ($355) purchase address recommended reasons: take a look at the major Fashion Show off street shot, all white shoes are still irresistible trend. Since Y-3 Qasa High shoe was released in the autumn of 2013, has become a Hi-fashion or Hi-Sport popular shoes, Yamamoto Teruji always adhere to the continuation of the minimalist black and white aesthetics, the classic package design and unique "hovercraft" sole, it seems so far is still quite avant-garde. When the hot pop will bring the price up, now this pair of shoes is actually a discount, even small see also don't believe their eyes, believe that the more than 1000 block of Y-3 shoes, scratching head is hard to find. editor's advice: I suggest you click on the link, choose size, buy. Comme des? Garcons? Shirt? price: $157, about 1022 RMB ($285) purchase address recommend reason: white shirt is every man wardrobe should have a style, in the summer, short sleeved better. filed a Japanese fashion designer, Wakubo Rei this name will appear in your mind, she will be the traditional asymmetric three-dimensional geometry model, Japan's elegant and calm overlapping innovative tailoring, with neat lines and gloomy tone, and creative combination of a 〉

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