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[Chinese shoes Network - Shoes World GUIDE]? If Li Ning and Nike to sell as expensive, and you'll believe who bought this problem is not difficult to answer. However, the key question is: Why consumers, especially after 90 willing to spend more money to buy Li Ning, Nike instead it ? Imagine, when consumers into the store, when faced with an array, a wide range of sporting goods, how will they choose? Young generally more emphasis on product design. For the design, there are 1,000 people in the eyes of 1000 Hamlet, everyone's aesthetic vary. Nike, Adidas, Li Ning, though not the same, but there is no obvious beauty and ugliness of the points, obviously, the product design is not the key factor behind Li Ning, Nike's lies. Although the domestic sports brand Li Ning, the leader, but in the international market is not such as Nike and Adidas, Li Ning, after all, to start later than they, no first-mover advantage. However, Nike was founded in 1963, while Adidas was founded in 1920, but now the world's first sports brand Nike rather than Adidas, visible, then the identity is not the main reason. So, Li Ning lost exactly what Nike? The first defeat: Brand dwarfs less than Li Ning, Nike, Adidas and other international big names, first in the brand image. No matter which corner of the earth, a mention Nike, almost everyone knows; and Li Ning, except in the larger Chinese influence in the international market is nowhere near as Nike, Adidas, so familiar. Although they are in order to improve brand awareness, thus heavily invite some well-known sports star to do endorsements, and sponsored a number of very high concern sporting events. Thus, in the mind of the consumer awareness, sponsorship influence and charisma spokesperson directly determines the image of sports brand positioning. On demand advertising content, the leader Nike behaved very well. Nike's advertising focused on mental communication with the target consumer, good advocacy in a unique spiritual value to be resonating with consumers, rather than how good the quality of its products, or the like, and so conducive to health products functional demands. Nike is not so much advertising in the marketing of the product, it is more in the spirit of promoting a sport, it is enough to make Li Ning catch up. air jordan 11 space jam for sale In the spokesperson of choice, compared to Li Ning, Nike and Adidas, and more seem far distance. Nike spokesman football has C Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldinho, Robinho and a number of international players like; and Li Ning's football spokesperson generation of Li Tie, the second generation of Lu Lin, undeniable, Both of these are very good Chinese football players, but the Chinese football has been in the eyes of people not to mention what the image, let alone Li Ning's international image. In basketball spokesman, Nike aside the myth of Michael Jordan basketball have influenced an era, the light now LeBron & middot; James, Kobe & middot; Bryant, Dirk & middot; Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin & middot ; Durant, Steve & middot;? Nash and so these NBA superstars, basketball enthusiasts in mind which one does not own the supremacy spokesman Li Ning basketball's most famous and only O'Neal. I think: compared to Li Ning, Nike, the brand image of the far gap. Nike has become synonymous with the world's best sports equipment, and Li Ning just the road too! This is Li Ning's first defeat. The second failure: Product layout is too narrow In terms of products, in order to cover a broader consumer groups, sports products for different consumer groups to have the product line, but different styles of products to work together to carry the connotation of the brand value. Nike on this point can be described as remarkable, it has AF series of classic shoes, football fans have been regarded as a classic "Legend" series of soccer shoes, as well as in Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other super star named sneakers series and so on. In contrast lining, it does not scream loud classic series. In contrast, Li Ning trip to a big turn, the consumer groups clearly defined as 90. In my opinion, this is actually a very mistake decision. The reason, first, this change so that Li Ning brand equity over time since a long time not to continue, resulting in a tremendous impact on the long-term development of the brand Li Ning, which is the first taboo of brand management. Second, Li Ning shouted to great fanfare after 90 personality made shoes, this is not obvious take 70, 80 of these already have a certain brand loyalty of main consumer groups rejected it? The move to narrow its own strategic jordan 3 katrina 2018 layout does not say, but also deeply hurt the feelings batch of loyal consumers, resulting in serious loss of brand equity. Third, Li Ning so dedicated to the 90 to pay, but will not necessarily buy it accounts 90. For them, the shoes do not you say to me I'll buy you clothes and shoes do not drift beautiful, I did not like the star to do endorsements, there is no advocate of my favorite brand culture, there is no like me These are the questions the value orientation. Of course, the Li Ning turn around, certainly has his own reason lies. Li Ning see is the future market, the 90 groups are mature, their purchasing power is also growing, the future of sports goods market will become 90 after the home consumer groups. But then again, this does not mean that consumers have to Li Ning, the other's a pole all killed, cut their target consumer groups. In fact, Li Ning also with Nike, Adidas, like the introduction of different products for different consumer groups, there is also a retro trend, avant-garde and classical, so they would not foolish pick sesame. This is Li Ning's second defeat. Third defeat: about sales channels swing In terms of sales channels, Li Ning, there are also some problems. Channel is the sporting goods business another important pillar in addition to the brand. Brand manufacturers and traders in large international channel strategy different. The more traditional kind of strategy is "outsourcing" system, that is the way the sale of part of the distribution channels to take care of. Some companies have chosen to self-built channels. Li Ning in the choice of channel strategy based on the use of outsourcing is to achieve sales, then concentrate on doing their own products. This common practice is a lot of peers, not without justification. However, even taking the outsourcing system, we should also be careful to develop a reasonable distribution strategy, and should not be wavering. In this regard, Li Ning's approach is worth reviewing. how to balance between the dealers and distributors to coordinate the interests of other aspects of the relationship, Li Ning company handled rough, resulting in a high number of original loyalty distributors complained: "Do for 10 years, Li Ning, in the end actually nothing found his own feelings. "Under Cheap jordans online the influence of this problem, according to the current order price, Li Ning in 2011 overall sales will fall about 5 percent year on year. At the same time, due to increase channels to accelerate the reform and speed inventory liquidation, the company profit margins will decline in 2011 to around 6% to 7%. contrast lining chaotic distribution strategy, international big names I temporarily take Nike to do more, local rival Anta has done in this respect Chapter law and confidence. Anta channels in order to build their own future, as early as in 2006 on the investment front, Ltd. was established in Shanghai, and fully into the sporting goods retail industry. At present, Shanghai set up five strikers Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary in Xiamen, Suzhou, Beijing, Harbin, Guangzhou and other places, operating Adidas, Reebok and Kappa and other sports brands. Anta first, with those high-end brands to open their own sales channels, then covered at this stage of their products, and finally the use of channel advantages, and gradually expand its product line, rolled out its own multi-level, multi-level products, in order to continue to grow its own brand. This strategy eliminates the need to balance both distributors and other issues, but also to stabilize the situation of self-built channels, to concentrate on good products, and other competitors Game. Li Ning have to balance around, I got hit, so Li Ning defeated third defeat in the channel strategy. Li Ning reason only "China's Li Ning," and "World of Nike" still far away, I believe that the main problem lies in weak brand image, the narrow product distribution, the confusion of the three aspects of sales channels . As a Chinese sports brand Li Ning, a brother, it is certainly remarkable achievements, but its future long way to go, must give priority to solve more than a few problems to those in the global market and international predators showdown. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe Information Centre, shoes World Tribune microblogging)& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As a World Cup qualifier in Australia before World War II only national football warm-up match on March 15th battle Thailand has become an important adaptation before the game. For better performance in the Australian war cheap foamposites game which the Chinese soccer team will also be wearing Adidas jersey unveiled the new design of Thai race. national team players to showcase new uniforms & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; new jersey in color and did not change significantly, the Chinese team still continue traditional red and white main color. However, the new design has the design concept and technology application. Shirt throughout the entire Great Wall pattern also Zhang Yi Chi, is the perfect expression of the Chinese nation for thousands of years courageously fighting the fine tradition; but also hope that China will be able to surmount the soccer team, as solid as the Great Wall, to enter the World Cup towards a solid pace. For the very characteristics of the Great Wall of China "embroidered" on a shirt, captain Li Weifeng said excitedly: put on a new shirt, we will work harder to fight, break everything tight encirclement. Come together, nothing is impossible! & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas has always focus on technological innovation, new jersey Adidas unique "Clima365" technology and "ForMotion" three-dimensional cutting combined. Clima365 with open pores, and the use of large areas of breathable material, especially for the arms, ribs several easy to sweat the site selection of special mesh material, so that the athlete's body remains persistent dry and comfortable. National football team without a sense of order to take into account temperature, humidity and other external environment of the body discomfort, to play their best level, create more "impossible." "ForMotion" three-dimensional cutting technique makes use of sports clothing and more fit, wearing more comfortable, using a combination of dense material with an elastic material, and tap the potential energy, so that all parts of the body in motion can be in the right place, giving Athletes complete freedom of movement. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in accordance with international practice, this is the Chinese men's national team at all levels to replace the new jersey of the year. It is reported that Chinese Olympic team also will wear a new race suit off the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As the world's leading football brand, adidas has always been committed to technological innovation, in order to continue cheap jordans for sale to inject fresh blood, but also hope that through this way, helping the national team World Cup .Xiaobian in understanding Adidas D Lillard 1 "PDX Carpet" design reasons, found that is "Rose City", another can connect the city, players and shoes of the works. why would you say that? First, 'PDX Carpet' is inspired by the famous carpet of the Portland International Airport. After more than 20 years, witnessed the passengers of various footprints, for the mainland or foreign visitors, see it represents the warmth of home concept. In order to highlight the geographical position of Portland, the color scheme adopts a conspicuous lake green, and the design on it represents the visual design of the intersection of the north and the south from the airport control tower. adidas, through a clever link back to the Damian Lillard, hopes that with all its D Lillard 1 moments, all the researchers will be able to learn more about the interesting culture in Portland. source: Sole CollectorAbout PUMA JAMMIMG although the official has not yet officially released related news, but contains a close cooperation with the brand of Jeff Staple and Sneaker News these days are the media shoes first brought real shoes out of the box, the new shock absorber technology with unexpected appearance, in the bottom of the transparent shell stuffed with (I believe this is why it is called JAMMIMG it) a tiny ball, really make people feel very fresh, in the bottom box in the film Sneaker News6 editing from the special boxed in out of the three sphere with JAMMIMG tube (about 8 minutes and 23 seconds at the beginning), it seems ingredients should be similar to the foam material, first sphere into three colors, editing thought maybe have different composition or density, mixed together to reach the foot requirements (of course, there may be just to create color vision And the appearance size is not the same, it does not seem to have a certain proportion, in the end how to step on how to feel, and its concept is how shaped? There are still many mysteries that need to be unlocked, and expect official information to be released. Did, PUMA, make, a, shoe, with, Air, Max, and, Boost, ? was posted by sneakernews.com on June 23, 2017, Prior to , we all know that PUMA technology is the main shock of Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale IGNITE, but has been published for more than two years ago with considerable acclaim, covering the product line is very wide, PUMA JAMMIMG will play what kind of impact, compared to the elastic IGNITE, why the location and characteristics? Let's wait and see. source: @jeffstaple in English in underdog is used to describe the object has been underestimated, not to be optimistic, especially in the sports circle in this usage is often mentioned, and as the star of today's MVP and popular candidate, it is hard to imagine the Curry because of its thin body and injured stop playing, in NBA's career has just started when no one will think he will soar, even when there are not too many university schools to recruit him, the last non traditional power Davidson gave Curry a chance, although not playing in the spotlight focus, but Curry skills and ideas now indeed at that time has laid a good foundation, and therefore the symbol in the Curry not to be optimistic the location of a road to be today the achievement version, by his college team jersey as the inspiration for this tribute to the success of the first course. looks like Adidas Crazy 97 seems to follow the Adidas Top Ten 2000 color mode provides many new color to give you color see the current selection, this can be seen in the Knicks color belongs to the Iman Shumpert should be by developing circle number 21. The favorite operators can buy it at GALLERY.2, Japan, and there is no sale information in Taiwan. source: GALLERY.2 earlier this month, Kevin Durant returned to the hometown of Maryland, once again experience the sprint in Hunt 's Hill feeling. Revisit childhood training grounds, let Kevin Durant to recall the childhood courage and determination to face all kinds of criticism, as this also let him pay more attention in the face of the upcoming season. KD8's fifth color again pays tribute to Hunt s Hill, a gray, dominant hue that symbolizes the countless nights of Kevin Durant's sweat on the mountain. Hunt 'Hill is located at the junction of L street and Balsamtree road in Kevin Durant's hometown, which stretches along the block. This is a witness to the relentless efforts of Kevin Durant, and the inspiration for the KD 8, fifth, color matching, Hunt, s, Hill, Night. to Nike Air Huarache sandals as a co cheap foamposites for sale ncept in recent years was obviously affected by many young groups prospecting shoe favor, and even set off a boom in girls, simple appearance neat and no extra fabric using only TPU feet should be given material stability, but also because of the removal of redundant and complicated design becomes the collocation one of the products of the st.. And this is the debut of the new color to shades of gray collocation with a little blue transparent ice lake bottom, the overall tone makes it easier for people with Nike Air Mag Lenovo, showing a very relaxed atmosphere. source: Street-Rules Jordan Brand's recent signing with the pitch? Jordan Future debut, the double is not yet on sale has resulted in a high topic shoe do enough publicity, this pair of Jordan? Future? Weaving vamp and side by fashion in the quite high popularity of the tie elements, collocation. Air Jordan 11 large base structure, the color is in the area of foreign official release in March 1st, priced at 185 dollars, love friends please pay close attention to the following more information. source: hypebeast? this year in addition to the Air Jordan 13 will shine outside also has a variety of Air Jordan in this year will be engraved appeared again in front of everyone, according to today's news that the three should be engraved Air Jordan respectively Air Jordan and Air Jordan 12 "Taxi" 10 "Steel" Air and Jordan "Laney", 11? But on the map Air Jordan 11 is not available map color, will launch the Air? Jordan 11 will be a special color to commemorate Jordan early Lenny high school team events, this series of Air Jordan Retro will be sold in overseas in October this year ~12 month, please continue to pay close attention to information with friends more. source: sneakernewsIn the overseas operation for many years the "Nike Running Club" will visit Beijing next month. Since December, Sanlitun Nike concept store Tuesday night will be transformed Nike running club, there will be a professional running fitness expert on-site guidance. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike running club for all running friends, just go to the club registered at the event date, can become a club to enjoy the club's service and communication platform. The club will prepare simple food and water, for running the Friends recuperate.must be members of the Kobe Nike Air Yeezy 2 color cheetah still fresh, the custom GourmetKickz brand recently to the classic color inspiration for the launch of the new Nike LeBron X Kobe Cheetah Yeezy 2 "custom new shoes, sexy Hyherfuse purple color, with decorative snakeskin texture ankle part and Swoosh. Red dynamic Flywire technology, lining, tongue lace more luster, under fresh white bottom on the fluorescent green full-length ZOOM midsole and outsole, of course, can not be ignored is that fluorescent green design will shine bright night. New products now available on AF1King, like friends can pay attention to. in the hot summer need a pair of said head but do not want to package and weight over the shoes, looking ahead and could reach Adidas this summer in good taste, so Deck shoes will comply with the above requirements is a pair of shoes in front of similar Visvim FBT exposed shoe body design, with a breathable cloth and rubber soled light quantification of the upper part of the body, the deep blue color can match your absolute calm over the seasons of the year..??????fitflops new Jalape o Popper Dip everyone will ask for your recipe Click image to find more Food amp Drink pins air jordan footwear uk The Paralegal Place The Hidden Value Of a Paralegal new Jalape o Popper Dip everyone w" /〉 women coats online M amp M S Christmas Cookie Bars Recipe fitflops new Jalape o Popper Dip everyone will ask for your recipe Click image to find more Food amp Drink pins The girls are ! In this new volley season, Vans Classics classic line brings many new shoe colors, a series called "Strawberries" strawberry series is designed for girls to build, this series contains the Slip-On and Old Skool, two pairs of classic shoes, shoes with white background, super cute little girl super collocation strawberry red pattern. In the adult shoes at the same time, also provides the children's shoes, T-Shirts, backpacks, wallets, hats and Keychain accessories and so on. Currently available, I believe that the domestic is not far. number: VN0003Z6IV0 number: VN0003Z4IJS number: VN0005P2YB2 number: VN0005P3J5R number: VN000NZ0IJS number: VN000H5LIJS number: VN0005KAIJS number: VN000ZCRIV0 number: VN0004J2IV0 number: VN000LPSIJSWeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (1) share to micro-blog, Yeezy's Boost 750, "Chocolate," as the most provocative fan of the October, is a bit of a welcome news. According to the new spy network out of the show, "chocolate" and offering a pair of 750, also chose Boost outsole with luminous effect. A Yeezy Boost 750 "Chocolate" will be released on October 15th at present, but according to past experience, Adidas and Kanye are not so if you do not meet too observant of conventional standards., rumors also don't worry, because is this month can "eat chocolate" right. It appears that Jordan Brand has teamed up with Public School once again and this time they use the Air Jordan 12 as the silhouette. Advertisment The last design were two Air Jordan 10 versions, and now they take their talents to design this premium Air Jordan 12. The shoe is fully built with a premium suede upper that is full covered in all-Dark Grey and Black. Other details include the PSNY logo on the tongue and sock liner, finished with Public School wording on the insole. Air Jordan 12 PSNY Release Date Check out the detailed images below and look for the Public School Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? to release on December 12th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retail stores, including Nike.com at 3PM EST. The retail price tag will be set at $300 USD. Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? Dark Grey/Dark Grey-Black 130690-003 December 12, 2015 $300 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will once again release tonight exclusively on publicschoolny.com at 8PM EST via J23App. ?C Anyone get lucky? UPDATE: Public School will be re-releasing their Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? tonight at 8PM EST exclusively on publicschoolnyc.com. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be debuting tomorrow, December 12th and they??ll be housed in a familiar slide-out box that is used on the brands iconic Air Jordan 11 silhouette. Check out a few detailed images below via JD and let us know how many of you will be copping these this weekend in the comments section? UDPATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? will be available on December 12th on Nike.com at 3PM ET and 12PM PST. Retail is set at $300 USD. @Xx_Jonathan The Air Jordan 12 Public School launches 12.12 at 3pm ET for $300. Please stay tuned for the latest. Nike.com (@nikestore) December 8, 2015 UPDATE: Nike has released official images of the highly anticipated Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will be releasing on December 12th. UPDATE: Jordan Brand has announced the official release date for the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? that will debut on December 12th, 2015. UPDATE: The Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? now has a release date set for December 12th, 2015 via @_PO2345 with a look at the tag label. UPDATE: While we still wait for a release date, here are a few on-feet images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? via @copkickz. UPDATE: Here are the latest detailed images of the Air Jordan 12 ??PSNY?? collaboration that is still without any release details at the moment. Stay tuned for more updates. UPDATE: Following a few set of preview images, we finally have a detailed look via @us11hustla at the Public School x Air Jordan 12 Retro that is fully dressed in a Dark Grey/Black color scheme with PSNY branding throughout and Public School wording on the insole. Still no release date, but stay tuned for more updates. Yamamoto Teruji, Y-3 X-Ray Zip Low BOOST launched a new line of shoes. This pair of shoes is made of "Core Black", which is used as the main color and constitutes the design of the chloroprene rubber. Through the cross use of different materials, the eye-catching 3D effect is created. At the same time, shoe is also equipped with BOOST in the end, the zip open box and elastic heel straps and other details of the design, three bars logo finally dotted the classic show. The new Y-3 "Core Black" X-Ray Zip Low BOOST has now been officially launched by Wrong, Weather and other brands designated stores, priced at about $380 U. S. dollars. since last month broke WTAPS will be in Vans cooperation news, has been worried about your heart, and this 2 big brand joint shoes launched, really let everyone shines. The process is very exquisite, outline the surprise of circle patterns in high-grade leather, while the toe part is designed by the noble gentleman love. It's a very elegant and noble shoe. download (20.85 KB) 2008-5-20〈br 2008-5-20="" 20:29 download (45.29 KB) 2008-5-20〈br 2008-5-20="" 20:29 download (62.13 KB) 2008-5-20〈br 2008-5-20="" 20:29

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