Are you Fired Up for some soccer? FUAF is bringing new drills and equipment for the 2022-2023 school year where grades K-2nd learn passing, dribbling, defence, coordination and how to play the game of soccer while 3rd-5th graders work on strength and agility drills to become better, faster and stronger players. Our students will be dribbling through and around cones for ball control and feel confident kicking with either foot, passing with the instructor and teammates for accuracy, shooting from different angles teaching power and precision.
Each class consists of 30 minutes of educational drills and the 30 minutes of simulated games.
During the games, our coaches rotate players between offense, defense and goalie so our players get comfortable playing anywhere on the field making them an educated player on the field.

Soccer (03/11 -05/15)

Are you Fired Up for some soccer?

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